Eonpass wins EU tender for anti-counterfeiting architecture
Eonpass wins EU tender for anti-counterfeiting architecture
Awarded for the comprehensive analysis on how and why this system creates friction for counterfeiting
In partnership with EY Advisory and JAS Jet Air Service, Eonpass proposed a full stack solution that follows the shipment from the initial negotiation with the logistics to the final consumer receiving it.
Future of Trade Finance
Future of Trade Finance
What has been experimented and what changes with Bitcoin becoming Legal Tender?
With this paper, we will explore further the distinction between permissioned and permissionless blockchains, outline the advantages of each network type and draw some conclusions on why it might be worth considering the second one. Moreover, we will discuss in detail the potential of locking scripts and how they could be used for settling transactions with Bitcoin now that it's legal tender.
Hardware wallet packaging
Hardware wallets packaging:
How to detect possible tamperings
We review the Coldcard packaging ang its tools to determine if it arrived in good standing. The task of course is partially useful since the packaging can be completely cloned by malicious parties, therefore we also cover some best practices to adopt while ordering hardware wallets.
Distributed Identifiers
The Internet of Logistics:
Distributed Identifiers (DIDs) for Authentication Along Supply Chains
Counterfeit and stolen goods account for a deficit approaching $2 trillion dollars every year against brands and supporting logistics companies. Although companies continue to implement new technologies for identifying the authority and actions of legitimate stakeholders, and for intercepting illegal shipments sans supply chains of trust, these innovations have yet to make a major impact on the growing trends of dark markets.
Future of Brands
Brands and Intellectual Property in a centralised future
What is at stake when the delivery of goods is trusted?
Imagine a future where products are delivered at the frontdoor of your consumers by a third party, this third party decides what’s authentic what not, what they’ll deliver and what not. You have 0% stake in such third party and little to no visibility on how the decision is taken.