Streamline Shipments Compliance

Eonpass is an open protocol that enables the exchange of integrity proofs and origin of shipments data. We bridge existing risk analysis systems so that communication is easier between Logistcs Operators, Customs and Brand Owners.

Member of EUIPO Blockathon

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The decentralised information layer for waybill integrity

Eonpass builds unambiguous proofs of a document exchange between parties. In particular we add a signed message on the electronic airway bill which origins from the authorisation of the brand owner to ship the goods. Similar shipments without the signed message are suspicious for parallel imports or counterfeiting. This signed message is notarised on Bitcoin and is used to check the integrity of the data. With respect to the current trade practices Eonpass allows Customs to inspect the origin of all the data and Logistic Operators to prove the source of their information.


Eonpass was born at the Blockathon 2018, the EUIPO sponsored hackaton to stop counterfeiting with blockchain. We won by presenting the blockchain agnostic and opensource protocol that we are improving today. In 2019 we won the Liquid Hackaton at Bitcoin2019 for the implementation over Liquid, the Bitcoin sidechain which grants confidentiality between parties.