Bitcoin Treasury

Eonpass has experience in setting up long lasting self-custodianship solutions for privacy conscious HNIs and Companies.

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Air Gapped
Solutions we provide never touch the internet.

Multisig and OTP
Multi signatures or one time pads to distribute the spending key across different locations.

Exchanges and OTC
We provide a selection of partners for executing sales and purchases of Bitcoin.

Simple and Reliable

Our consulting service helps you setup and maintain your own custodianship solution, we provide one to one coaching, guides and periodic checks on the setup. We teach the best methods and never know or hold any of your crypto assets.

For HNIs
  • Simple coaching.
  • Effective tools.
  • Tested solutions.
  • Introduction to methods and concepts.
For Merchants
  • Solutions to accept BTC.
  • Accounting strategy.
  • Tools to reduce volatility.
  • Self custody and third-party custodians.
For CFOs
  • Hedge against inflation.
  • Coaching and tools.
  • Best in class IT setup.
  • Self custody and third-party custodians.


Eonpass was born taking first place at the EUIPO Blockathon 2018, the EU sponsored hackaton to stop counterfeiting with blockchain. Our hedge was the blockchain agnostic and opensource protocol that we are improving today.

In 2019 we won the Liquid Hackaton at Bitcoin2019 for the implementation over Liquid, the Bitcoin sidechain which grants confidentiality between parties.

Proving our commitment to excellence we won Air Cargo Compliance challenge in Odyssey Momentum 2020, the biggest hackaton in Europe with 2000 participants from 60 countries.