Field-Ready and Secure Payment Network.

Merkurio uses Eonpass protocol to power Humanitarian Cash Transfer operations.

Deployed in Lybia by Helpcode NGO

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Critical Areas Ready
We are ready to work in critical environments, online or offline using our low-power energy-efficiency hardware.

Voucher cards or SMS
Right holders can receive their credit via many options, from printed QR codes to SMS, protected by a personal PIN

Every action is encrypted and logged on BTC public blockchain, Donors can inspect the audit-trial of the money flow

Fast and Secure

Merkurio provides a secure digital payment platform capable of turning humanitarian voucher fairs and cash distributions into a fraud free, rapid and effective experience to NGOs, merchants and humanitarian assistance right holders (beneficiaries).

For NGOs
  • Low-transactions fees.
  • Real-time and in-depth spending report.
  • Fast users registrations.
  • User Management with restricted area.
  • Full Customer Relationship Management.
For Merchants
  • Sell products with a click.
  • Choose the right price of each goods.
  • Multi-Currency & Storage management.
  • Secure beneficiary verification.
  • Vending Dashboard & Selling review.
For Right Holders
  • Paper wallet system.
  • Waterproof card.
  • SMS payments also available
  • Authentication mechanism.
  • Customer Dashboard & Spending review.


Eonpass was born at the Blockathon 2018, the EUIPO sponsored hackaton to stop counterfeiting with blockchain. We won by presenting the blockchain agnostic and opensource protocol that we are improving today. In 2019 we won the Liquid Hackaton at Bitcoin2019 for the implementation over Liquid, the Bitcoin sidechain which grants confidentiality between parties.